Special Sessions

We’re pleased to announce 12 special sessions for ICASSP 2015. The full list of special sessions is:

Advances in Manifold-based Signal and Information Processing
Organised by: Waheed Bajwa

Finite Rate of Innovation Sampling and Applications
Organised by: Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula and Thierry Blu

Theory and Application of Coherence in Signal Processing
Organised by: David Ramirez, Javier Via and Louis Scharf

Speech Processing for Languages without Written Forms
Organised by: Alan Black, Aren Jensen, Sharon Goldwater and Tanja Schultz

Cooperative Signal Processing in Heterogeneous and Multi-Task Sensor Networks
Organised by: Sergios Theodirides, Abdelzhak Zoubir and Jorge Plata-Chaves

Digital Signal Processing for Assistive Listening Devices
Organised by: Jesper Jensen, Simon Doclo and Michael Syskind Pederson

Signal Processing for Assistive Hearing Devices
Organised by: Fei Chen and Yu Tsao

Passive Radar Signal Processing Techniques
Organised by: James Palmer

Signal Processing Challenges for the Square Kilometer Array
Organised by: Steven Tingay

Anomaly Detection and Intent Inference
Organised by: Simon Godsill, Vikram Krishnamuthy and Bashar Ahmad

Audio for Robots – Robots for Audio
Organised by: Emmanuel Vincent and Jonathan Le Roux

Enhanced Voice Services
Organised by: Tom Bäckström, Takehiro Moriya and Milan Jelinek

Special Session Paper Authors: Please do not submit your papers through the regular paper submission portal. Your session organiser can provide you with instructions for submitting your paper and also with details of other aspects of the special session process.